Frequently Asked Questions
Venture Crew 7 -- FAQ
1. When and where does your Crew meet? Crew 7 meets at Station 3,
Genesee Valley Fire Department 9 Riverview Drive, Henrietta, NY, on
the1st and 3rd WEDNESDAYof each month, during the school year, from
7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. To locate us, go tour "map" page.
2. How old is your Crew? Venture Crew 7 was founded in 2004.
3. Is Venture Crew 7 "youth-run"? Crew 7 is youth-run with adult
4. How many registered leaders are there? Crew 7 has 8 active leaders
and sometimes works in conjunction with Troop 7 and other Crews or
Troops, using their leaders to help.
5. What is the youth-to-adult leader ratio at meetings and on outings? We
adhere to the BSA's "two-deep leadership" policy. Consequently, the
minimum number of leaders for a meeting is 2. However, for co-ed
outings, we require a minimum of 2 male and 2 female adult leaders - for a
total of 4 leaders.
6. How are Crew meetings conducted? We have a youth President, who
runs the meetings and sets the agenda. We also have youth VP, who
handles the Crew program. New members are welcomed to any of our
7. How do new members learn required skills? New Crew members will
learn from the other, more experienced, crew members and leaders. New
skills are reviewed in group training sessions, at Crew meetings, camping
trips or by attending other Scouting-related training events. Crew
members may also learn from books, pamphlets or written instructions. .
8. How do members balance their Crew involvement with other activities
(such as school, sports, band, church, etc.)? They try to manage these
things as best they can. However, sometimes they cannot attend Crew 7
activities. They must decide what's more important to them. Crew 7 tries
to be flexible and we will adjust our schedule to accommodate our
members' outside activities.
9. What is the required uniform for Venture Crews? We do not have a
"Class A" Venturing uniform. However, we have a "Class B" uniform shirt.
This is a yellow-colored, polo-style shirt.
10. How do you communicate with the Crew and their families? We use
meetings, e-mail, texting and this website ( for
communications. As a last resort, we use the telephone.

11. What are your expectations for parental involvement in Crew 7? As
a parent, we expect you to support your daughter or son, as they learn
and grow as a member of this Crew. We expect you to provide
transportation (or arrange for it) in order that your son or daughter can
attend meetings and participate in our activities. We expect you to
provide a uniform and appropriate equipment to allow your daughter of
son to participate in our activities. We expect you to support our
fundraising efforts.
12. How much does it cost to be a member of Venture Crew 7? There
is currently NO fee for membership. This cost is offset by fundraising
13. How often do you do community service projects? Whenever we
are asked and can manage it. However, our regular projects include:
service to our chartering organization and parks cleanup.
14. How many times per year do you go camping outdoors, hiking,
canoeing, riding, etc? Where do you go? Each of these activities are
performed at least once per year. We have gone to the BSA Camps
Babcock-Hovey & Cutler, Genesee River canoeing, Ft. George
(Canada), Adirondacks and Webster Park.
15. What kind of fundraising do you do? Car washes, Mini-Baja (sell
16. Do parents have any say in how Venture Crew 7 is run? You may
attend Crew meetings or Crew Committee meetings and express your
opinions or offer advice. The Committee meetings are held as indicated
on our calendar.
17. Can a non-member and their parent attend a Crew 7 meeting?
YES, please do so! It's the best way to find out more about us. Check
our calendar for dates and times for the next meeting.
18. What is your philosophy regarding advancement? Crew 7 requires
each new member to attend a skills-related campout to learn outdoor
skills. They work at their own pace and work towards Bronze, Gold,
Silver & Ranger ranks.
19. Are training costs or uniforms subsidized by the Crew? YES, either
partially or entirely.
20. How do I get more information? Look over this website or click on
the "contact us" button and send us a message. Call or write to us,
using the information found here.

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