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Venture to Inlet, NY, in February 2013
The dates of the trip were Thursday, Feb. 21 - Sunday, Feb. 24. Thursday and Sunday were travel days. On Friday, we
visited Old Forge Hardware and the kids went skiing/snowboarding at Macauley Mountain (the pics that look like they're on
an igloo are from there.)

On Saturday, we helped out at the Inlet Fire and Lights Festival. Tyler and Andrew resurfaced the local ice rink using
shovels, then proceeded to build a bonfire at the site of the cardboard sled races so the spectators could stay warm.
Elyse and Amanda helped set up several portable pavilions at the location where fireworks would be held and then
returned to the bonfire area to watch the sled races with the rest of us. They tried their luck at sledding on a pallet, then all
got into a snowball fight after the races.

We took a break and went for coffee/cocoa, then went back to the site of the fireworks, where the guys filled trash cans
with snow and inverted (think sand castles) them to provide holders for torches to light the way to the pavilions. Elyse
helped to sell kazoos for the kazoo band.

We grabbed a quick pizza dinner at Screamen Eagle before returning to watch the fireworks over Fifth Lake. Each evening,
after dinner, we played games (Risk was popular) and the kids watched movies until well after the adults were asleep.
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