Venture Crew 7
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On May 17th-19th, on the shores of Seneca Lake at Camp Babcock-Hovey, was the location of the North East Region Area
3 [NER-3] Venturing Officers Association's [VOA] Venturing Summit- "Born to be Wild". The purpose of the summit was to
bring together Ventures from the North Eastern region from various Councils to share ideas, camaraderie and new
experiences with the emphasis of adventure.

This camaraderie started Friday eve by a viewing the movie Monty Python's "Holy Grail".
On Sat., the adventure started off with events like:
Seneca County Hazmat, Upstate Research Rocketry, Rifle, Muzzleloader, Shotgun, Tomahawk throw, Archery, Canoe Tug
of War, Canoe Portage` race, Catapult Catch, Pioneering Catapult, Matchless Fire, Quidditch, Bike-athlon & Giant Jenga -
Crew 7 won & had taken 2nd place in, respectively. We rounded out Sat. eve with a DJ & another Movie.

Pictures of this weekends events can also be seen on the Babcock-Hovey FACEBOOK page.

As for our Crew, we were fortunate to have shared a campsite not only with Crew 15, but a mother and her fawn--who
allowed us to stay w/ them. They were quite the spectacle! The little fawn--with all of it's beauty & spots. It was seen
sleeping right next to a small pup-tent 2 female Ventures stayed in. Those arememories!
- Valerie Polachak
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