Venture Crew 7
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Crew 7 members assisted BSA Troop
7 and Troop 334 in selling food and
drinks at this event. Crew members
who chose to support this event
camped for two overnights at Hogback
, Macedon, NY, over the weekend.

This event is part of an international
competition, from 50 different schools,
sponsored and organized by the
Society of Automotive Engineers
(SAE). The student-built cars are
off-road vehicles that must be capable
of surviving and excelling on a course
consisting of rough terrain, jumps, and
sometimes even bodies of water that
must be crossed.
2013 Mini-Baja -- RIT / SAE Off-Road Engineering Event
The Crew journeyed along with Troops 7
and 334 to defend the honor of the Unites
States in a War of 1812 re-enactment.

This was the Crew'latest adventure into
Canada. But, this year's event was a lot
wetter than last year's. The Crew endured
rain and gale-force winds. After most of the
Brigade was quite wet, they decided on a
strategic retreat back across the border to
the safety of New York State.

They return content with having shown our
glorious flag and defended our sacred
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