About Us (continued)
Venture Crew 7
At Venture
Crew 7, you
will make
some of the
best friends
you have
ever had.
Expectations of Crew Members:

As a member of this Crew, we expect you to abide by the Crew
Oath and Code and our bylaws or policies

We expect you to attend our meetings and participate in our

We expect you to support our fundraising efforts

We expect you to become be a leader

We expect you to respect each other and the Earth that we

We do expect you to LEARN and have FUN!
Expectations of Parents:

As a parent, we expect you to support your duaghter or son, as
they learn and grow as a member of this Crew

We expect you to provide transportation (or arrange for it) in
order that your son or daughter can attend meetings and
participate in our adventures

We expect you to provide a uniform and appropriate
equipment to allow your daughter of son to participate in our

We expect you to support our fundraising efforts

Come venture with us!
Look at what we
offer and see if
have activities of
interest to you .

Note that we are
always open to
trying new
things, so let us
know what YOU
would like to do!
The story of VC-7

Our organization was started in 2006 as a "high adventure"
crew. We are outdoor-oriented doing outings such as horseback
riding, cross-country and downhill skiing, white water rafting,
canoeing, bike trekking, ice fishing, camping and backpacking
in the Adirondack Park and in the Finger Lakes region of
upstate New York. . We have gone rock climbing, skeet shooting
and curling. We also are involved in diverse community service
projects including Scouting for Food, bell ringing for the
Salvation Army, assisting our chartering organization by helping
to maintain their parking lot and volunteering as staff in the past
for the International Dogsled Races in Inlet NY. We just finished
painting a truck bay at the fire hall and are helping as staff with
this years Fire and Light festival in Inlet NY. Members of our
crew have also participated in leadership training courses such
as VLST and Kodiak.

Chartered by:
We are chartered by the Genesee Valley Fire Department,
located at 9 Riverview Dr, in Henrietta, NY.
Copyright 2014 -- Venture Crew 7, Henrietta, New York