About Us
Venture Crew 7
Our mission is to prepare young people to make
ethical choices during their lifetimes through
teaching them the values of the Oath & Code. We
also provide additional advice and guidance that
they will need to be successful in life.

Crew 7 strives to make its members better people by giving them
a positive self-image, teaching them respect for others, help
them to build new friendships, learn new skills and expand their
horizons through challenging adventures.
Besides, we're having
some FUN at the same time!
Some Venturing Crews focus on a single activity. HOWEVER, this
may result in periods of inactivity, if that single activity cannot be
performed (such as water sports, fishing, hunting, etc.). Crew 7 has a
multi-focus approach to venturing. We have several activities that we
can do throughout the entire year. Some of these activities are:
+ Hiking
+ Canoeing
+ Horseback riding
+ Shooting
+ Camping
+ Archery
+ Climbing
+ Curling
+ Volleyball
Venturing is the young-adult program of the Boy
Scouts of America for young men and women
who are 14, having completed eighth grade, to
20 years old.

Venturing units are called "Crews" and adult
helpers are called "Advisors". The youth leader
is called the "President". A Venturing Crew is
chartered by a local community organization
(such as a church, civic group, educational or
business institution)
that has similar interests as
the young adults and applies the strength of the
program to teach, mentor and challenge them.

A Venture Crew is operated and run by its
young adult members. The members of a Crew
are expected to organize, plan and execute all
their own events -- with the assistance and
guidance of the Advisors.

Currently, the Crew has only a "Class B"
uniform shirt. A photo is seen here.
To see some pictures of our recent activities,
click on the "photos" button above. To view
our brochure, click here.
Your Venture Crew decides what it wants to do!
We are located at 9 Riverview Dr.,
Henrietta, NY. Click here for a
Henrietta, New York
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