Join Us!
Venture Crew 7
The members of Venture Crew 7 cordially invite you to join us. It's
not hard to do. You don't need to have any prior experience in
Scouting. You do need an adventurous spirit and desire to hang
around with a great group of guys and gals.
If you are convinced about joining us, you need to follow the
following steps:
1. Contact us by filling out the short form that is accessed by
clicking on the "contact us" button, found above.
2. We will send you a BSA Venturing application form or you
can download one by clicking here. Fill it out, sign it and
returned it to us.
3. We will take it from there....
OK, so you are not yet sure about us. Why don't you come
on by and visit us at our meeting place? Check us out for
yourself. Just click here to get to a map of our location and
to find out the times we meet. We do recommend that you
contact us, first, to assure that we are meeting there and at
that time. Do this by clicking here or on the "contact us"
button, above, and filling out the short form. We will then
contact you!
Not yet convinced about joining us?
YES, sign me up, I want to join Crew 7........
What will it cost me to join Crew 7?
+ Membership dues are covered by fundraising
+ We have a yellow "polo" shirt as a uniform
+ Trip costs are variable, based on where we are going.
------However, it ranges from $5 to $300.

Note that participation in fund raising can be used to off-set
the cost of these trips or events.
What if I'm an adult and I want to volunteer?
Adult volunteers are welcome! We need adult advisors and
others to deliver a quality program for our young people.

(Note that a criminal background check is required.)
Get in touch
with us by clicking on the "contact us" button" above.
When and where we meet:

Venture Crew 7 normally meets @ 7:30PM at the
Genesee Valley Fire Dept. station 9 Rivermeadow Dr.,
Henrietta, NY
. We meet on the
1st & 3rd Tuesdays of
each month,
when school is in session. However, our planned
events meeting dates are indicated \on our Calendar. Click on our
"calendar" button at the top of this page to see our schedule.
Come venture with us!
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