Venture Crew 7
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Copyright 2014 -- Venture Crew 7, Henrietta, New York
Venturers journey to Inlet, NY for
Frozen Fire & Light festival, Feb. 27
to March 1, 2015

Venture Crew 7 goes to Inlet, NY, to provide service to
the town during the "Frozen Fire & Lights" festival. This
year, the crew helped to erect a pavilion for the evening

They also created snow sculptures by filling & packing,
then inverting trash cans to make pillars along a path.
Some of the pillars were outfitted with tiki torches to
light the way to the pavilion (where food was served)
and the town bonfire, where people could view the

In another park, the crew manned the bonfire set up at
the cardboard sled race venue. This helped keep
participants and spectators warm. After the sled races
were over, Elyse and Colleen painted kids' faces in the
town hall. (The guys opted out of that duty!)
On Sunday, we
cleaned the fire
hall where we
stayed, more out of
scouting "clean up
after yourself" than
out of any service
requirement. The
Inlet EMS folks told
Hiram that they like
when we stay
there because we
clean up after
ourselves, try to
leave the place
better than we
found it!
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