Why choose Venturing over traditional Boy Scouts?
Venture Crew 7
Why "Venturing" and not "Scouting"?

Young people want to belong to a group that provides a safe place in which to address the issues issues that
directly affect them. These issues include experimentation, moving from dependence on adults to independence,
social relationships, psychological and physological changes and, of course, sexual maturity and a re-evaluation
of values.

A Venturing program promotes:

+ Age-appropriate activities
+ Co-ed events
+ Personal independence
+ Adventure and challenges
+ Association with good adult role models (both male
AND female)

Reasons why Scouting is not for some people:

+ Some feel that the activities are boring
+++ Example: Troop does the same campouts every year
+ Some don't want to work with younger scouts
+ No focus on "High Adventure"
+++ High Adventure stuff occurs only once or twice a year
+ Forced advancement
+++ Troop focuses only on advancement
+++ Some Scouts joined Scouting for the adventure and could care less about being an Eagle Scout
+++ Others earn their Eagle and there is nothing left for them at troop meetings
+ Can participate in Scouting only until age 18
+ Many meetings are needed to plan for anything and do something fun
+ Uniforms are required
+ Only boys -- no girls -- in the Scout unit
Venturing was, once, part of the Exploring division of the Boy
Scouts. However, in 1998, it evolved into a separate entity within the
Scouting family. It is now the fastest growing program in Scouting!
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